Dear ladies and gentlemen!

In connection with the release of SAWYER 1.5 cutting program new version we would like you to pay special attention to the main changes, bug-fixes and improvements included in the new distribution disk.

The Main Advantages.

  1. There is a new algorithm for plates cutting optimization. The algorithm particularity is the possibility of receiving the result at any stage of optimization.
  2. Now it is possible to enter the parts overall dimensions directly to the table. Now there is no need to use the "Parts Properties" dialogue box.
  3. The code identifying the parts with the certain product is added. The code is placed into the table on the cutting chart. To turn on this mode use menu command "Options" - "Settings", property page "Drawings".
  4. Now there exists the possibility of filling the table, combined with drawing, with the information about the parts edge facing. To turn on this mode use menu command "Options" - "Settings", property page "Drawings".

Besides, the following possibilities are added:


If you have been already using our cutting program, you must remember that while upgrading to the new Sawyer version you are not recommended to transfer your stock data with LOG-file of the previous program version. In this case you should save the existing data base and after the new version installation you should switch to the old data base and only after that you should realize the balance with LOG-file saving. The new version does not read the old LOG-files, you should save them with the new version!

Thank you for having chosen our software products.

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