Some Frequently Asked Questions

On the Woody system

Q>Why the program refuses to open the existing and to save the created models?
A>At the system installation, the option of electronic authorization key driver was toggled off. The driver may be installed separately. For this purpose, run hldrv32.exe from the HardLock directory on the distribution CD and follow to the instructions displayed on the screen.
A>With the "credit" key, the date on your computer was set to a earlier one or the key was used on a computer with different date and time set. In this case, it is necessary to contact our company.

Q>After Woody installation, the names of the materials, fittings, etc. are in the English language. What to do, if Russian language is necessary?
A>The database contains a number of languages, i.e. every single fitting, material etc. may contain names in Russian and other languages. Current DB language is set in the process of installation. It coincides with the language, which you have selected in the beginning of the installation. By default, current language is English. If you have selected the Russian language in the process of installation, then the DB will switch to it automatically in the end of the system installation process.
If this was not the case, then, obviously, there were problems with the installation of drivers working with DB.
We use standard installation packages from Microsoft. However, they not always install correctly in the automatic ("quiet") mode. So, install them manually. This is described more in the readme.txt file on the distribution CD.
Thereafter, you may manually change the DB language, by using the utility, whose shortcut in "Start" menu is referred to as "Data language selection in DB".
This utility may display an error message and stop working, if, in the process of our system installation, DB (MDAC) drivers were not installed automatically.
If you just have selected installation language other than Russian and MDAC installed correctly, then just use the said utility.

Q>How to add new custom material into Woody database?
A>Here we discuss how to create new custom material in Woody CAD. At first let's see how to create slab with custom colour. Then we'll see how to add new fitting such as furniture handle into database.
First use Woody main menu item "Settings"/"Materials...". Note that at least one document has to be open or created by "New" command before. When no open document the "Materials..." command is not enabled in main menu.
The dialog of materials editing

Use mouse cursor and left mouse button to select proper category in the tree-like list of materials. Select class of materials. Use right mouse button to open context menu.
Context menu is available by right mouse click

Select context menu command "Add material" to create new material. You may also use command "Duplicate material" which available when explicit material selected.
Use edit controls of the "Materials" dialog to edit properties of newly created material. Use button "Color..." to edit color model of material. The editing of colour model is pocessed with the means of "Color model" dialog.
The dialog of color model editing

Slab material color model must be described with at least 3 color planes. You have to create basic set of color planes using specific button in the dialog. Then you have to assign colors to every plane. These planes are: front of material (face side), back side of slab, edge side of slab. Front and back sides are usually laminated. Edge side is a shear of chipboard. Use list of color to assign proper color. To create new color or edit existing press "..." button in the color model dialog. You'll invoke "Palette" dialog.
Palette editing dialog

Using palette dialog you may create new color and adjust its characteristics. Use "Import texture..." button to import custom texture.
Palette editing dialog

The "Texture import" dialog helps to select BMP, JPG or TGA file with texture required. The texture image resolution must be 64x64, 128x128 or 256x256 pixels. Do not use very high resolution. Do not use resolution which differ than 8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024. Possible rectangular combinations such as 32x256 or 128x64.

Notice that slab material creation is simple because they differ in color and slab size only. Some materials such as fittings or fastening devices are more complex. They need 3D visual model to be properly visualized in your furniture design. You may prepare 3D model, using any 3D editor which can produce 3DS or STL files. 3DS file must contain single mesh.

Let's turn to picture. First you have to select proper prototype from database. Invoke context menu with right mouse click and select command "Duplicate material". System ask you to include new material into current style. Confirm "Yes". System ask you if you want to use new material with fastener description of material selected as prototype. Confirm "Yes" once again. Fastener description may be edited with integrated to Woody "Fasteners" dialog (menu Settings/Fasteners...).
Palette editing dialog

Select newly created material in the tree-like list. Use context menu to delete visual model from it. The window with 3D model will become empty. It is necessary step to eliminate link between newly created material and its prototype previously existed in database.
Then use button "Import model...". In the file open dialog select filter of proper file type, for instance 3DS.
To make model in proper scale and space location it is convinient to get model previously from prototype material by "Export model..." button.