IMPORTANT! This software (including the media and the printed materials) is transferred to you under the terms and conditions contemplated in the License Agreement and ARE NOT SOLD to YOU.

Prior to beginning the installation process, please read attentively the Software and Databases Usage Copyright Transfer Agreement (License Agreement).

Your continuation of the installation process will be deemed your full consent with the terms and conditions contemplated in the License Agreement.


The present License Agreement is the legal agreement between You, the end user (individual or legal entity), and "Almod Corp." Company. The software (hereinafter referred to as "the Software") is a package of computer programs, databases, and documentation subject to the copyright and is protected by the law. When used in this text, the word "documentation" shall mean both printed materials, media (disks) and files with the information. The documentation is an integral part of the Software.

1. Subject matter of the agreement

1.1 The subject matter of the present License Agreement is the Legal Owner's transfer of the non-exclusive copyright to usage of the Software to the End User (hereinafter referred to as "the License").
1.2 Any and all terms and conditions stipulated hereinafter, shall cover both the Software as a whole and all its components separately.

2. Title

2.1 The Title to the Software shall belongs exclusively to "Almod Corp.".
2.2 The License to use the Software for any legal purpose is granted to You, the End User, subject to observance of the terms and conditions stipulated below.

3. Terms of Use

3.1 You may use the Software only at one workplace at any given time.
3.2 You are entitled to supplement the databases pertaining to the programs included in the Software package, according to the features provided by the Software.
3.3 You shall not distribute the Software. Distribution of the Software is understood as granting a third party access to the components, any reproduction of the Software whatsoever, including via a network or otherwise and also by sale or lease.
3.4 You have no right to perform yourself or allow anyone to perform the following acts:
3.4.1 To attempt disassembling, decompiling (transformation of the object code into the source code) of the programs, databases and other components of the Software;
3.4.2 To make any changes to the object code of the programs or databases thereto except those made by using the Software itself as described in the documentation;
3.4.3 To grant copyright to use the programs or other rights to the Software to a third party;
3.4.4 To perform other acts concerning the Software infringing the norms of USA and international norms related to the copyright and software usage.

4. Term of validity of the Agreement

4.1 The present License Agreement shall take effect upon the first installation of the system and shall be valid throughout the usage period of the Software.
4.2 Should You fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the License Agreement or be unable to further comply with such terms and conditions, you shall delete all copies of the Software (including printed materials, media (disks), files with the information, and backup copies of the Software) and the Agreement shall be terminated.

5. Responsibility

5.1 Illegal usage, distribution and reproduction (copying) of the Software constitute a violation of the laws of USA and are prosecuted under the law.
5.2 In case of your violation of the present License Agreement, "Almod Corp." will deprive the End User of the Right to use of the Software, whereby "Almod Corp." completely rejects any warranty and service obligations.

6. Limited warranty

6.1 "Almod Corp." warrants the quality of the data on media, functionality of the programs included in the package of the Software under the terms and conditions, stipulated in the documentation, correspondence of the components of the Software to the specifications, and also typographical quality of the documentation.
6.2 In any other aspect, the Software is shipped AS IS. You use this software at you own risk. "Almod Corp." does not guarantee that the software contains no errors, and shall bear no responsibility for direct or indirect consequences of using the Software, including those occurred owing to possible errors or errata in the Software package.
6.3 This limited warranty shall be in effect for thirty days since the purchase of the Software. During this time, any and all complaints to quality of the Software shipment will be accepted.

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