Woody & Sawyer usage in screenshots

Here we discuss only some of main features in Woody. To view picture enlarged click it with mouse.

3D modelling in Woody

The Woody allows to create 3D model of furniture product. All parts are plane. They may have curved outline. Parts rest on the axial planes. Moving axial planes with special toggles you can change dimensions of any part and product as whole. Parts are automatically joint correctly each other. The layout of joint depends on selected part type.

Fasteners selection

The Woody helps designer to install fasteners and fittings. Designer has to select parts to be joined and Woody automatically proposes the list of suitable fasteners and fittings. Selected fitting is installed automatically by one button click. The model of fitting obtains proper orientation in 3D and follows selected parts.

Drawers construction

The special wizard built-in Woody provides a possibility to generate models of different kinds of drawers. You have to select kind of drawer only and adjust desirable parameters. Then all modelling is performed in 3D by one button click. When size of furniture product is changed, built-in drawer accomodates to changed size automatically.

Built-in closet design

In the same way as drawer you can create a system of sliding or bi-fold doors. You have to select type of rails quantity and material of doors. All further modelling is performed automatically.

Sliding door structural parts

It is easy to obtaine detailed list of parts and materials with all necessary dimensions specified. Prices are calculated automatically according to data in database, adjustable formulas and coefficients and currency exchange rate.

Door profile selection

It is no problem to change color of doors, rails profile or even to change one sliding system to another from other producer.

Workshop drawings of parts

All drawings, necessary for furniture production are generated automatically by one button click. All dimensions, drill holes, part sizes, edge facing and so on are drawn automatically. Different kinds of dimensioning are provided and adjustable via "Parameters" menu.

Estimate calculation

The specifications of requred materials and parts of product are generated automatically. They may be exported to database storage to use for cutting layout creation.

Optimized sawing patterns

The Sawyer software shares database with Woody. It can import data about part dimensions avoiding necessity of manual input of data. Sawyer produces optimized cutting patterns to saw parts from blanks of explicit materials.

Sawyer supports stock of materials. It can remember remains and use them in the further sessions of cutting.

3D scene in Woody 2.0

Woody 2.0 provides possibility to create and edit spacial scene containing several objects.

Rendered image

Resulting 3D model may be used to perform high resolution image rendering.